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Resources for the public


Become an Antibiotic Guardian and choose your pledge

Choose one simple pledge about how you’ll make better use of antibiotics and help save these vital medicines from becoming obsolete.

Posters & Leaflets



A Bit of Magic Helps Explain Antibiotic Resistance [Produced by Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board]

CATCH - is a fictional short film about a father and daughter quarantined in their home in a post-antibiotic world [released 13 November - produced by Borderpoint Films]

What are Antibiotics? [Produced by Borderpoint Films]

What is Antibiotic Resistance? [Produced by Borderpoint Films] 

Log On To I.C.E. is a video made to promote Antibiotic Guardians [Produced by East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust]

Antibiotic Resistance - keep antibiotics working in operations [Produced by Public Health England]

Antibiotic Resistance - keep antibiotics working and take your doctor's advice [Produced by Public Health England]


Antibiotic Guardian

Public Health England

European Antibiotic Awareness Day

WHO Antibiotic Awareness Week 

E-bug: Fun games and teaching resources about microbes and antibiotics