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Antibiotic awareness campaign

This year World Antibiotic Awareness Week is 12th – 18th November 2018, with European Antibiotic Awareness Day on the 18th November.

These are global & Europe-wide public health initiatives that encourage responsible use of antibiotics.

WHO Campaign - World Antibiotic Awareness Week

European Antibiotic Awareness Day

In Wales this year we have collaborated with Public Health England to share and develop their “Keep Antibiotics Working” Campaign for use in Wales and we will be supporting GP practices, Health Boards and Trusts in Wales to get the following key messages across:

  • Taking antibiotics when you don’t need them puts you and your family at risk.
  • Taking antibiotics encourages harmful bacteria that live inside you to become resistant. That means that antibiotics may not work when you really need them.
  • Always take your doctor’s advice on antibiotics.

You can find resources in support of the Antibiotic Awareness Campaign in Wales here:

Antibiotic Resistance: Resources For The Public

We are also pleased to continue our support to encourage as many healthcare professionals, colleagues in animal health, educators and students, members of the public, families, friends and colleagues to become antibiotic guardians:

Become an Antibiotic Guardian