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How could I be exposed to lead?

Although we no longer use lead in paint, petrol or in water pipes, it is still in our homes or in products from other countries. Some industries or hobbies such as fishing, shooting and stained glass making, may still use lead.

You may be exposed through the following ways:

  • Young children may eat or chew things that contain lead. This can include lead paint, old toys containing or painted with lead or lead contaminated soil from the garden.
  • If you live in or are renovating an old house, such as those painted before the 1970s, layers of old paint could contain lead and become dust when removed.
  • Through your work or hobby.
  • By drinking water from household taps when this water runs through lead pipes. This usually only happens in houses built before the 1970s.
  • By drinking water from household taps where lead solder has been used for jointing pipes
  • By using some traditional medicines and cosmetics or cooking pots that contain lead.