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Dental Services Innovation and Quality

We work with the Health Boards, Welsh Government, Health Education and Improvement Wales, patients and public, and other partners in the system to maximize the value of dental services in Wales. We promote and/or participate in innovation, research and evaluation to improve equity, safety and cost-effectiveness of dental services in Wales.

Working with the partners in the system, we aim to develop a dental system that is continuously learning and improving so that it achieves the best possible outcome for the population in Wales.

Dental Services Reform Programme: Welsh Government set out strategic direction on oral health improvement and reform of dental services in Oral Health and Dental Services Response to the Healthier Wales. This provided a unique opportunity to ensure primary care dental services are prevention and outcome focused and fit for the future generations.

We worked with the Welsh Government, Health Boards, Health Education and Improvement Wales, dental service providers and other key stakeholders to start the General Dental Services (GDS) Reform Programme in 2017. Further information can be found at

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales is the independent inspectorate and regulator of healthcare in Wales.

The All-Wales Dental Practice Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS):  The All-Wales Dental Practice Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS) falls under the remit of Public Health Wales and is a Statutory requirement under the General Dental Service 2006 Regulations. It is a Quality Assurance process that sets out the minimum standard that Dental Practices need to achieve to ensure the quality and safety of staff and patients. The main intention of the QAS is to ensure quality improvement and safety. The scheme is underpinned by a supportive mechanism to ensure paramount standards. The supportive team includes Dental Practice Advisors, local Clinical Governance teams, HEIW and Health Boards.

Although Public Health Wales gathers the information on behalf of the dental system, it is not the inspectorate and it is not an inspection of Practices. Information gathered is confidential and not shared wildly. A report is shared annually with Health Boards and Welsh Government to improve the health of the nation.

Last updated:  4 October 2021