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COVID-19 Public Health Wales Health Protection Response Plan published

The Public Health Protection Response Plan was a commissioned piece of work by the Chief Medical Officer and was submitted as public health advice to the Welsh Government, through the Chief Medical Officer, to support and inform the development of the Welsh Government’s Test Trace Protect strategy.

Parents urged to continue to attend immunisation appointments for young children during the COVID-19 lockdown

Public Health Wales is reminding parents of the importance of young children continuing to attend for their routine immunisations when invited.

Public Health Wales launches new COVID-19 wellbeing campaign

Public Health Wales has launched a new wellbeing campaign to address the negative impact of COVID-19 on the mental, physical and social wellbeing of people in Wales. 

Public engagement on health and wellbeing

Public Health Wales are conducting a public engagement telephone survey to ask members of the public in Wales how coronavirus and related control measures are affecting their health and wellbeing.

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New Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) data dashboard launched

The Public Health Wales’ Coronavirus Surveillance Cell have launched an interactive data dashboard to enable the health system, the public and media in Wales to find out more about the virus in Wales.

Life Expectancy and Mortality in Wales report published

The Public Health Wales Observatory has published its latest report Life Expectancy and Mortality in Wales 2020 , which describes the stalling in life expectancy and mortality improvements in Wales in recent times. 

Updated "Smoking in Wales" online tool reveals both good news and continuing concerns around smoking

New data shows that smoking-related deaths and hospital admissions in Wales are remaining stubbornly unchanged. 

Future-proof your planning with easy-to-use tool

A new easy-to-use guide will help public bodies to think and plan better for the long-term, by keeping a clear vision and taking future trends into account.

Report highlights Public Health Wales' outstanding research achievements

Public Health Wales has published its latest annual Research and Evaluation Highlights report. 

Transfer of All Wales Perinatal Survey database to Public Health Wales

Ownership of the All Wales Perinatal Survey (AWPS) database has been transferred to Public Health Wales.