Public Health Outcomes Framework – indicator refresh and health board boundary changes

The Public Health Wales Observatory has released its latest refresh of the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) tool.

As of 1st April 2019, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board took over responsibility for healthcare services in the Bridgend County Borough Council area. 

In light of these changes, all recent and historical health board level data have been updated to reflect the health board boundary change, where possible.

The refresh also updates 13 indicators with the latest available data, across all geographical and demographic breakdowns:

  • Life expectancy at birth
  • Healthy life expectancy at birth
  • The gap in life expectancy at birth between the most and least deprived
  • School leavers with skills and qualifications
  • Quality of housing
  • Quality of the air we breathe
  • Smoking in pregnancy
  • Children age 5 of healthy weight
  • Hip fractures among older people
  • Premature death from key non communicable diseases
  • Deaths from injuries
  • Deaths from road traffic injuries
  • Suicides

The Public Health Outcomes Framework reporting tool contains more than 40 key indicators for monitoring health and well-being throughout Wales. The framework was developed in partnership with Welsh Government to inspire and inform policy makers to prompt action which improves the health of the nation.

It can be used by Government, local communities, public services, private and voluntary sector organisations as well as individuals and their families to inspire and inform action which improves and protects health and well-being.  It is linked to the Well-being of Future Generation Act’s national indicators and milestones, which have been set by Welsh Government.

Caryn Cox, Consultant in Public Health, said: “The Public Health Outcomes Framework has been developed to understand the impact our individual behaviours, public services, programmes and policies are having on health and well-being in Wales.

"To provide an overview of the changes over time, the data in the online tool is refreshed regularly to ensure it is as accurate as possible. This most recent refresh includes updates which account for changes to health board boundaries in Wales.”

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