Jyoti Atri

Acting Executive Director of Health and Wellbeing

About Me

Acting Executive Director of Health and Wellbeing

Jyoti started her career as a researcher for a general practice based health promotion project in East London.  Her research demonstrated that equality in access to services can be achieved even in the most deprived areas.  Continuing her career in East London and the City Health Authority as a Public Health Analyst, she made major contributions to the Health Improvement Programme and the Health Action Zone.

Leaving London in 2002, Jyoti joined the West Midlands Public Health Training Scheme, serving mainly in public health departments across the Black Country.  On completion of her training, Jyoti joined South Birmingham Primary Care Trust, where she was the lead on cancers and the public health information function.

Jyoti joined Sandwell Primary Care Trust in early 2010 as Deputy Director of Public Health where she led on health improvement and health information, and delivered against some hard-to-reach targets for breastfeeding and smoking cessation.  After the transfer of Public Health to local government, she was appointed as Director of Public Health in April 2014.  Despite Sandwell being an area of significant disadvantage, significant measurable health improvements were delivered during her time as DPH in: healthy life expectancy; cardiovascular disease mortality and teenage pregnancy.

In September 2017, Jyoti joined Public Health Wales as Deputy Director of Health and Well-being.  She has made major contributions to improving collaborative working for public health and to chronic disease prevention.  She is currently acting as Executive Director of Health and Wellbeing.